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A Renewal

It feels like the first day of school! Today is my first in-person professional training opportunity since before Covid. It sounds a little bland but I am someone who loves a great seminar. I participated in many online interactive trainings during the pandemic but I truly missed the full engagement of sitting in a freezing cold conference room among peers. Here, in person helps me to feel as though I am a small part of a whole working towards a shared end. It alleviates the imposter syndrome that comes with working in a solo practice. There are no colleagues to witness your professional growth when you work by yourself, so you begin to wonder if there even is any such thing as professional growth.

I am so grateful for the organizations that realize the importance of in-person learning, even for professionals. Being virtual lends itself to distractions that don’t occur in a maximum capacity Holiday Inn ballrooms staring at ugly carpet and racing to a nearby restaurant for a quick lunch. Make no mistake, not all trainings are good ones. There have been times I’ve walked out wondering what I had paid for. I have take special pride in my continuing education choices because this is an opportunity that isn't reimbursed by an employer. I elect to enroll and pay out of pocket for these experiences. I miss the days of agency wide trainings with familiar faces--that is one of the trade off's when you go into business independently. This is the next best option. I’m here alone but it doesn’t feel lonely being among individuals with a common mission. I could hardly sleep last night in anticipation. It feels renewing and exciting and a reminder that passion ignites progress.

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